Leopard n Lion

You’re a leopard, but you’ve lost your spots

While trying to change to fit into plots

and time will tell, coz’ you’ve wrestled the clocks off the wall


You’re a lion, but you’ve lost your teeth

While trying to chew through the people you meet

and you growl at the crowds, coz you’re caged on the street

for all of us to see..

A Filthy Write

I can smell you…I can smell you in my throat
My drowning in you, my fingers in you,
Sweat, on your legs, a deep night covers your moans,
You open more, and twist and sprawl, and taste your fingers
And I taste your fingers, and your legs…
You turn over and arch, and stare me down..
Don’t ever leave my mouth, don’t fucking leave…
You foot pushes me away, you rest, smelling your hands while you cold stare me…
You want hard..you spit to me, and want hard…all lit up on fuck
From across the room you want to sit in a corner, deep inside yourself
..and me adjacent, staring, like a cunt..I’m mad

Good morning

I’m all buried in eyes,
Tangled in locks on a morning high, humming and humming and humming…
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful….
I love you like..eh, words…yes, I love you like words, like vocabulary..like breath..like fidgeting and fumbling, stumbling and bumbling…I’m very in love, very very in love,
Good morning to you.

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